About Globalities

In Globalities, Just World Educational’s President, Helena Cobban, looks at big-picture issues of global power and the global balance in light of the work she has done since 1975 to explore, understand, and analyze many aspects of the world system. Ms. Cobban is a veteran international-affairs analyst and a former long-time columnist for The Christian Science Monitor and Al-Hayat (London)

In her work here, Ms. Cobban builds on the research and journalism she has conducted over nearly five decades, and the interactions she has had with a broad range of political actors, justice activists, and scholars from the Global South and the Global North. Most recently, as President of Just World Educational, she has spent several years leading collaborative inquiries into issues such as US-China relations, the world balance after Covid, the conflicts in Syria and Ukraine, and the Palestinians’ continuing search for justice and equal rights. In early 2021, she launched an inquiry into the origins of the domination of world affairs by a handful of states of West-European origin. (This latter exploration can be viewed, in two different presentations, here or here.)

Ms. Cobban has been part of the blogosphere since February 2003, when she started her original personal blog, Just World News. The older analyses and observations on that blog (2003-2018) can be found here: vintage.justworldnews.org/. Its more recent content is here.